U.S. formally launches investigation of China's IP practices

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Friday formally initiated an investigation of so-called China's intellectual property practices under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974.


Islamic State claims responsibility for stabbing attack in Russia

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has claimed responsibility for a knife attack that left 7 people injured in the central Russian city of Surgut on Saturday.

20 killed, 50 injured after passenger train derails in India

At least 20 people were killed and over 50 others injured Saturday after a passenger train derailed in northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, local media reports said.

Beijing court bans production of air-polluting company

鈥婣 court in Beijing closed down a company from breaking air-pollution rules. The ban was issued before the final verdict as a protective measure, the first of its kind in Beijing. 

Chinese popular chain restaurant to open its first location in the US

A massively popular Chinese chain restaurant, Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice, is headed to America to serve their one main dish named clay pot chicken and rice.

Chinese Football Association mulling VAR and professional referee system

鈥婽he Chinese Football Association (CFA) is planning to introduce professional referees, and a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system.

Plastinated giant panda for education, not profit, insists museum

A Chinese museum has come under fire for putting a plastinated specimen of a giant panda on display to the public, with an entrance fee.

Doraemon鈥檚 'hooray for Japan鈥檚 defeat in WWII' wins hearts of Chinese audience

38 years after Doraemon and Nobita rescued an elephant from getting poisoned to death in a time travel adventure back to Japan during WWII, the remake of the animation this July once again triggered public discussion.

China encourages public-private partnership in elder care

China has said it will encourage public-private partnership (PPP) in the senior care industry.

Administration for tiger and leopard national park inaugurated

The administration for the much-anticipated tiger and leopard national park was officially inaugurated Saturday in Changchun, capital of northeast China's Jilin Province.

22-year-old pleads guilty in fatal attack on Chinese student in L.A.

Twenty-year-old Jonathan Del Carmen Friday pleaded guilty in Los Angeles to second-degree murder for his involvement in the beating to death of Chinese student Ji Xinran.

Five killed in north China house fire

Five people were killed in a fire that engulfed a house in north China's Inner Mongolia on Saturday.

Four Florida police officers shot in separate incidents

Two police officers were shot on Friday night in Kissimmee, central Florida, reported the Kissimmee Police Department on its Twitter account. 



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