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Media Showcase of Documentary Series South Africans in China Held in Beijing
   2015-06-24 19:02:31    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: wangzhe

On June 24th, Crienglish.com, the English official website of China Radio International holds the media showcase to present documentary series South Africans in China. The series is to celebrate 2015 .Year of China・ in South Africa and to enhance the friendship and understanding between the two peoples.

South Africans in China will be broadcast in an integrated way, which combines new and traditional media, South African and Chinese media. In addition to Crienglish.com, China.com, Youku, Tencent and Youtube, Beijing TV documentary channel and ETV, South Africa・s largest commercial TV station will also broadcast this series in near future.

Officials from China・s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and South African Embassy in China, as well as guests from various fields in both China and South Africa attend the showcase. At the showcase, the production team members share their behind-the-scene stories and South African guests elaborate their Chinese stories. Nearly twenty media organizations from both countries cover this event.

Xia Jixuan, Vice President of China Radio International says in his speech that the idea of .Chinese Dream・ raised by Chinese President Xi Jinping is not only about the dreams of the Chinese people, but also the dreams of foreigners in China. Realizing the Chinese Dream does not only need the efforts of the Chinese people, but also the contribution of foreigners in China. Documentary series South Africans in China reflects the common dream and spirit of the two peoples and enhances the communication and friendship between them. The series is another excellent work done by China Radio International for international communication and public diplomacy. It is also an innovative case in media integrated development of China Radio International.

South African ambassador Ms. Dolana Msimang says the initiative by China Radio International in producing this documentary is important in that it takes the experience of South Africans living in China to a broader audience here in China and also back in South Africa, thereby stimulating more interests in our two peoples to learn about our respective countries and their cultures.

Liu Guijin, former Chinese ambassador to South Africa says he firmly believes that following the hosting of National Years in each other・s country and the sixth Ministerial Conference of FOCAC to be held in South Africa later this year, Sino-South Africa cooperation will definitely take another big stride forward. And to further consolidate and expand the relationship, interaction and understanding among people is of even more importance and significance as the foundation of state-to-state relations. More works like South Africans in China are needed.

South Africans in China started filming in December, 2014. Over the past six months, the video team of Crienglish.com has filmed 12 South African guests living and working in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Yangshuo and produced 12 episodes of documentaries. The duration of every episode is 10 minutes. The series focuses on attractive story-telling and strong international perspective.

Guests in this series are from various fields. They work in business, education, art, sport and communication. For example, Byron Jacobs in Beijing learns Kung Fu, Grant Horsfield in Shanghai is the founder of green tourism project .Naked Retreats・ and Winston Sterzel focuses on video blogging on the streets of Shenzhen to show people what China is really like. Their stories reflect the lives of South Africans in China and the mutual understanding between the Chinese people and the South African people.

South Africans in China is filmed and produced by the video team of Crienglish.com, which is an international team with global perspective and the Internet-age style of production. Works of the team have been awarded national level and professional prizes.

On June 24th, CRIEnglish.com holds the media showcase to present documentary series South Africans in China. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com] 

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