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Magic on the Fingertips - Luoyang Peony Porcelain
   2014-04-29 11:09:51    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Luo Chun

Pieces of peony porcelain in the making. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Lately, CRI reporters paid a visit to Luoyang Peony Porcelain Museum. During the visit, the reporters saw not only the lively and colorful peony porcelain pieces, but also the entire process of making peony porcelain. Apart from all that, they also interviewed Ms. Jia Xiaoli, deputy general manager of Luoyang Peony Porcelain Limited.

According to Jia, all the art pieces of peony porcelain are handmade and the crafting process is extremely complicated. To make one piece of porcelain peony, a lot of people need to pitch in to do their respective work. The reporters met the artisans who were in charge of making the leaves, the pedals and the flower buds. What's more, there are also some in charge of lining and coloring the porcelain. During our visit, every one of them was focusing on their work and was immersed in making these art pieces.

Jia Xiaoli told the reporter that most of these artisans graduated from art schools. However, they also need to be extremely patient in order to be a competent peony porcelain maker. All of the artisans have undergone a rigorous selection process and have received one to three years of training regarding peony porcelain making. In terms of making peony porcelain, they are all extremely experienced.

According to Jia, the company does not regulate the daily workload because what matters is the quality. She said, "We focus on the quality and we want to make sure that every piece is of top quality." Every art piece is the fruit of the artisans' industrious effort. Jia told the reporters that there were many phases in the making of peony; the phase of airing alone takes half a month to one whole month. After that, the flower needs to be colored and baked many times in order to be a peony porcelain art piece. Take peony porcelain plates for example: in order to produce one plate, the artisans need to repeat the making process for six to seven times.

CRI reporters were amazed by both the crafting process and the brilliant products. Jia Xiaoli told the reporters that most of the exhibits were one of a kind. Sabrina Sicking, a German reporter, said that, although in the west there was also some fine porcelain craftsmanship, the peony porcelain still surprised her. She noted, "If these lively porcelain [pieces] were placed amongst the real peonies, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference."

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