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Simple agreement 簡單的贊同語

  1. Yes. 是的.

  2. Yeah. 是的.

  3. Yep. 是的.

  4. Yup. 是的. (yeah , yeh 和 yup 都是口語中yes的變體. )

  5. Sure. 當然.

  6. Of course. 當然.

  7. How true! 千真萬確.

  8. Absolutely. 可不是.

  9. Exactly. 完全正確.

  10. Well said.說得好.

  11. I agree. 我同意.

  12. You’re right.你說得對.

  13. You got it.你算說對了.

  14. You bet.沒錯.

  15. My opinion exactly.英雄所見略同.

  16. That’s for sure.那是當然.

  17. That’s true. 正是如此.

  Saying that you agree. 表示贊同

  1. I quite agree with you. 我很贊同你的看法.

  2. I share your view on that. 對這件事我們看法一致.

  3. I’m sure you are right. 當然你是對的.

  4. I don’t think anyone would disagree. 我想沒人會反對.

  5. I have no problem with that. 對這一點我沒有異議.

  6. That’s just what I was thinking. 我正是那麼想的.

  7. That’s what I say. 我也會這麼說.

  8. I couldn’t have said it better. 我想說的也是這個意思.

  9. Oh, yes, I couldn’t agree more. 太對了,我舉雙手贊成.

  10. I can’t argue with that. 我覺得不錯.

  11. Okay, you’re the doctor. 好吧. 聽你的. (doctor: 在此泛指某方面的專家. 本句意思是: 你是專家, 就聽你的好了. )

  12. Sure, anything you say. 當然,你說什麼就是什麼.

  13. Don’t you know it! 你說得沒錯.

  14. You took the words right out of my mouth. 我的話讓你先說出來了.

  15. I wish I had said that. 真希望那句話是我先說的.

  16. You can say that again. 你說的一點沒錯.

  17. I’m with you there. 我和你想的一樣.

  18. I take your point. 我同意你的觀點.

  19. I think I’ll go along with your proposal. 我想我支持你的提議.

  20. I’m of the same opinion. 我也是這個意見.

  21. Okay, we’re all agreed. 好,大家的意見都統一了.


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