Nu Skin China: Join us as a Force for Good to beat COVID-19

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-03-16 14:01:08

In China’s battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic, the front-line Hubei Province is the concern of every Chinese citizen. During this battle, many companies at home and abroad are making donations, in the hope of contributing to the final victory of epidemic prevention and control. In the online interview themed “Together, we take corporate responsibility in the fight against the NCP epidemic” recently launched by CRI online News,  Nu Skin executives talked to the journalist about the company’s epidemic control, orderly resumption of work and production, and future plan for the Chinese market, among others.

Supporting epidemic control as a Force for Good


Ritch Wood, CEO of Nu Skin

In the initial stage of the epidemic, Ritch Wood, CEO of Nu Skin, requested Nu Skin China give full support to the nationwide campaign in line with Nu Skin’s cultural of a “Force for Good”. The company then immediately established a working group on epidemic control, led by its Greater China Growth Service Team. In the meantime, Nu Skin China quickly responded to assist Hubei through continuous support for epidemic control as a Force for Good. Always on the front lines of the battle, Nu Skin is doing what can be done in this race against time and the virus.

Mr. Wood said, “As one of the leading global companies in personal care products and nutritional supplements, Nu Skin has been consistently fulfilling our social responsibilities in line with our corporate mission of being a Force for Good since our entry into the Chinese market.”


Nu Skin China supports Hubei to overcome difficulty in concerted efforts

Nu Skin donated RMB1 million and 400 Nu Skin air purifiers amounting to more than RMB3 million in total to Hubei Youth Development Foundation through China Youth Foundation on January 27, and then donated RMB200,000 and the supplies worth more than RMB400, 000 to the Red Cross Charity of Huanggang, Hubei Province on February 17.

Rooting for product supply through scientific resumption of production

Nu Skin China fully supports the fight against the NCP epidemic, while caring for the safety of its team members in production. It set up an emergency epidemic control team in no time, and took effective measures to best safeguard the safety and health of employees based on the policy guidance of local governments.

“As ordered by market regulators, Nu Skin called off business training sessions and other offline gatherings during the epidemic. At the height of the epidemic, we shut down most of our experience stores, which had a visible influence on our business in China's mainland,” said Ryan Napierski, president of Nu Skin. “Everyone must stay at home during the epidemic, which may greatly impact the real economy. However, this is also a good opportunity for us to further develop e-commerce and integrate online and offline businesses as people are getting more dependent on the Internet.”


Ryan Napierski, president of Nu Skin

“To this end, we have enhanced our online marketing to let customers buy online and share product experiences through our own APP NUTOWN,” said Ryan Napierski of the APP co-developed by Nu Skin China and Alibaba Cloud in 2018. The APP has a range of features such as online sales, product experience and sharing. Offline business will be impacted during special periods like this, but with OFO and e-commerce, negative impact on business can be mitigated.

Mr. Napierski made it clear in the interview that Nu Skin still takes the Chinese market as a focus in its global strategy, with the goal of achieving long-term robust development in China. He is optimistic about the long-term stable development of China as he believes the impact of this COVID-19 epidemic on China’s economy will only be short term. That’s why Nu Skin will pursue further development in China and invest in the second phase of its project in Fengxian District, Shanghai.

Creating trustworthy products and expecting spring blossoms

After the outbreak of epidemic, there has been a substantial increase in consumer demand for health foods, posing a big challenge to production and logistics at this special time.

According to Nu Skin, its facilities in Longyang and Huzhou resumed operations on February 11 and 13 after obtaining permits from local governments. To prevent the virus, the plants have taken strict measures and utilized a monitoring system. Nu Skin will record employees’ health conditions, quarantine outbound employees and sign health commitments with employees. It has also adopted preventive measures to ensure the safety of employees after they return to work. For example, employees must wear face masks in workplace every day, have their temperature measured twice a day, and sterilize frequently with alcohol. The plant has open a dedicated passage, asks employees to follow a separate dining system, and regularly sterilize all workplaces every day. Nu Skin is doing its best to ensure comprehensive protection and safety in production.

In terms of logistics, normal distribution from warehouses in various places will resume. The warehouses are processing orders at full speed, with adequate preventive measures in place. In addition, Nu Skin will update the logistics information on its official website and NUTOWN every day and ensure speedy delivery to customers.

In the interview, Nu Skin executives all agreed that the Chinese people will definitely enhance their awareness of health after the epidemic, which is a great opportunity for the health industry. In the future, Nu Skin may focus more on personal health-related products.


D. Matthew Dorny, executive vice president and general counsel of Nu Skin

D. Matthew Dorny, executive vice president and general counsel of Nu Skin, appreciated the quick response of the Chinese government to the sudden outbreak, immediately taking science-based measures to effectively control the spread of COVID-19. Now China’s situation of epidemic prevention and control is improving, with the order of production and life recovering quickly. The epidemic will not beat the Chinese economy. “As the reform and opening up continues to deepen, China has launched a suite of supportive policies to optimize the business environment and encourage foreign investment,” said Mr. Dorny. “This has provided us with a good opportunity for long-term development in China, and given us more confidence to grow together with the Chinese society, market and consumers. It’s a win-win result.”

There is no endless winter, and the warm spring full of blossoms will finally come. Nu Skin CEO Ritch Wood is convinced that this fight against COVID-19 virus will be a complete victory and the Chinese economy will become even more resilient when the epidemic is over. “We want to thank all the brave workers in the front line for protecting us from the virus and danger. Nu Skin will continue to pay close attention to the situation. As a Force for Good, we at Nu Skin will make as much contribution as possible to the Chinese society and tide over the difficulties together with all Chinese people,” said Mr. Wood. “Spring is in sight. So is the final victory,” he concluded. (Article by Han Donglin, Photo courtesy of Nu Skin China)

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