The 11th Nanyang rose fair launched in Nanyang World Rose Grand View Garden

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-05-01 20:09:38


Blooming roses photo by Cui Peilin

Spring comes to Nanyang, and the roses are in full bloom. On April 30, the large-scale online live broadcast activity of " Flowers bloom in Nanyang ,watch the roses online" and the 11th Nanyang Rose Fair launched in Nanyang World Rose Grand View Garden, Henan Province, China.


Opening ceremony scene photo by Li Ke

The rose fair adopts the mode of "network live broadcast + TV live broadcast + network interaction", strictly implements the epidemic prevention and control measures, continues to expand the influence, focuses on holding flower appreciation tourism activities, and strives to fully display Nanyang rose, rose industry, rose culture and urban features online, truly run online rose flower events, and create an online Nanyang Rose Festival.


Beautiful scenery of Nanyang World Rose Grand View Garden photo by Network Information Office of Nanyang Municipal Committee

Adrian Debray, President of the World Federation of Rose Societies, said through a video link that the rose spread beauty, love and friendship around the world , the activity of " Flowers bloom in Nanyang ,watch the roses online " spread friendship to rose lovers all over the world in the way of network digital. He sincerely extended his warmest congratulations to the largest rose city in the world. He hoped that the conference would be a complete success and leave wonderful and unforgettable memories.


Rose sea Photo by Cui Peilin

Blue sky, white clouds, green grass, pavilions, flower sea. Nanyang's Qianmo roadside, in front of the house surrounded by flowers. In Nanyang World Rose Grand View Garden, Nanyang Rose Garden, Nanyang rose park and rose theme parks in counties and urban areas, there are thousands of Chinese roses, thousands of varieties of which are bright, colorful and enchanting.

On the day of live broadcast on April 30, friends at home and abroad visited the flower sea online and enjoyed the beautiful fairyland of Nanyang. (Article by Wan Qingli)

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