Chongqing Banan: Foreigner friends visited the rural area and experienced intangible cultural heritages

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-05-19 14:37:52

On May 17th, the "2020 Chongqing Banan district foreigners@CHONGQING experiencing intangible cultural heritage and rural area visiting event" officially launched in Mudong Village, Banan district. This event was held by the Chongqing Publicity Committee, Culture and Tourism Committee, and Banan District Government. The event took the form of " intangible cultural heritage experiencing, traditional festival experiencing and rural area visiting" three activities combined. Organizers invite all foreigners who work, study, or live in Chongqing to join this event in Banan, and enrich their spiritual and cultural life.

This time, 18 foreigners signed up for the event, they came from Russia, Ethiopia, Belarus, France, England, and Korea. During the event, they went to Mudong River street, and experienced writing Chinese brush Calligraphy, making sugar figurine, and grinding tofu pudding. They also enjoyed the sight of "the sea of galsang flowers" at the Yangtze river bank. All of them have strong interests in learning Chinese traditional culture and "Bayu" folk custom.


Foreigner children show their handwriting of Chinese letter "Fu" shoot by Yubing Tian

The Ethiopia Consulate General in Chongqing, Anteneh Tarikus, said that he and his family were very satisfied that day, the event was very interesting. "We tried Mudong's local specialty food, enjoyed the scenery of Mudong river street and the sea of galsang flowers, we also learned how to cultivate sunflowers, today is a wonderful day." Anteneh Tariku said.

Banan district Publicity Committee Vice Minister Chengyu Zheng introduced that the "Chongqing Banan district foreigners@CHONGQING experiencing intangible cultural heritage and rural area visiting event" was successfully held for two years, and have over thousands of foreigners signed up.

This year, the event will last from May to July, Banan district will invite foreigner friends to travel each sub-district thoroughly, they can learn how intangible cultural heritages skill work, experience Chinese traditional cultivation or festivals, understand a poverty liberating story, shopping, or even harvest some agriculture products or just go to a famous sightseeing spot.

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