Chongqing Banan: The “Foreigners rural area visiting event” was held in Anlan town and Nanpeng town

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-05-28 15:00:46

On May 23rd, the “Foreigners rural area visiting event” was held in Anlan town and Nanpeng town. This time, 11 foreigners signed up for the event, they came from South Africa, Ethiopia, Hungary, and Korea. This event is a sub-event of the “2020 Chongqing Banan district foreigners@CHONGQING experiencing intangible cultural heritage and rural area visiting” event.

As the second stage of the "rural area visiting" event, Anlan town showed its development of “Beautiful rural area” characteristic industries to all foreigner friends.

One of the representative industries is the “Dalai Mountain treehouse” in Dingshan village. Anlan town has built 13 tree houses for tourists to stay. These treehouses combined the characteristic of Chopping traditional building “Stilted building” and its unused forest area and already became a very famous tourist spot. There is also a blueberry orchard on the top of the Dalai Mountain as an extension of the whole industrial chain. There were plenty of normal tourists who came to the blueberry orchard that day besides foreigner participants.


Foreigner participants picking Blueberries at the Dalai Mountain blueberry orchard photo by Yubing Tian

On the afternoon of the day, all foreigner participants came to Nanpeng Colorful Botanic Garden and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of maple leaves, Nanpeng town also held a fishing contest in the garden. After the contest, foreign participants tried Nanpeng green tea and black tea, and they all like it very much.


Foreigner participants sightseeing in the garden photo by Yubing Tian


Foreigner participants were having fun at the Dalai Mountain treehouse area photo by Yubing Tian

During the event, participants can also shoot photography, make a vlog, and write travel notes to join the competition. Foreigners who interested in the event can send an email to or call 66231839 to sign up for future events. 

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