Foreign Internet Celebrities Telling Fujian Stories - Episode 5∣Why Medical Reform in Sanming Draws the Attention of WHO?

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-06-21 13:32:47

The reform of the medicine and health care system is a common issue worldwide. Many countries in the world are faced with shortage of medical resources and high medical costs. China, as a developing country with such a large population, obviously has to face greater difficulty and more challenges in dealing with the issue. Since 2012, Sanming City in Fujian Province has been deepening reform, innovating system and mechanism, and breaking a new way to solve the problem of medical reform.

The medical reform in Sanming has not only attracted the attention and recognition of the World Health Organization (WHO). In this video, British internet celebrity Ying Xuanran will visit Shaxian General Hospital of Sanming City to show you the developments and achievements of the people-centered medical reform of Sanming.

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