Taizhou: Blooming Flowers, Thriving Villages

|ChinaNews|Published:2024-02-02 18:08:09

As the 2024 Spring Festival approaches, the Butterfly Orchid greenhouse planting base in Taizhou has entered the peak season for sales.

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The Butterfly Orchids in Full Bloom [Photo via the Cyberspace Administration of Taizhou]

The Butterfly Orchid base in Gangyang Town started cultivation in August 2022, with the first phase covering an area of 5,500 square meters and the second phase covering over 3,800 square meters. Currently, there are 160,000 mature Butterfly Orchids, consisting of 113 different varieties.

The base employs six permanent workers regularly, and during the peak period of Butterfly Orchid shipments, dozens of villagers from the surrounding areas are hired for flower packaging and transportation. Each worker can earn several thousands RMB per month.

The base adopts an "online + offline" sales model to expand the market for Butterfly Orchids. Currently, it has directly sold to wholesale markets in Rugao and Changzhou, establishing a general distributor in Changzhou. Additionally, the base utilizes the Douyin (TikTok) platform to promote its products, making every effort to increase sales.

Taizhou: Blooming Flowers, Thriving Villages_fororder_圖片47

The Butterfly Orchids in Full Bloom [Photo via the Cyberspace Administration of Taizhou]

In recent years, Hailing District in Taizhou has continuously developed its "flower-boosted economy". In addition to Butterfly Orchids, the greenhouses in Hailing District for other flowers such as Red Palm and Pineapple are also experiencing booming sales. In the next step, Hailing District will continue to enhance the clustering effect of the flower industry, extend the specialty flower industry chain, establish high-end intelligent greenhouse cultivation bases for flowers, and accelerate the deep integration of agriculture, culture and tourism.

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