American Video Editor Jonathan Conti: Beijing, a City With Endless Treasures

|ChinaNews|Published:2018-12-24 14:44:15

I have never seen a city like Beijing. The sheer size of it overwhelms the senses as massive architectural feats tower over you.


Zhengyangmen is waiting for the raising sun [Photo by Jonathan Conti]

The National Center of the Performing arts was breathtaking. Even if you don't have time to see a performance, taking a stroll through the giant building is worth the trip.


Magnificent agricultural style of The National Center of the Performing arts [Photo by Jonathan Conti]

Beijing is full of stories, on display in their many cultural sites and museums. It's heritage and nationalism was on full display during the flag rising in Tiananmen Square. The city stops and goes quiet while fully uniformed soldiers march out from the Forbidden City.


Solemn Tiananmen square after flag-raising ceremony [Photo by Jonathan Conti]


Beijing in the sun [Photo by Jonathan Conti]

As the flag unfurls, thousands of Chinese citizens and tourists from the world applaud and take pictures of a site that is truly something to behold. Although the trip has came to an end, I still look forward for the next meet with Beijing, and finding more surprises here. (Author: Jonathan Conti Translator: Chen Mengnan)

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