[Story in Beijing] Ke Makai: an "authentic Beijinger" from the UK

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-12-20 13:18:01

Story in Beijing is a serial short video program produced and released by CRI Online. Each video introduces a foreigner's story in Beijing, and how they fall in love with this city. By sharing their own experience and feelings when they are living in Beijing with the audience, these 'Beijing fans' express their love to Beijing, and show the charm of Beijing to the world.

Ke Makai: an "authentic Beijinger" from the UK

Ke Makai was born in Beijing in 1951. His father is from the UK and his mother is Canadian. For decades, Ke Makai has completely turned into an affable Beijinger with fluent Beijing dialect. Ke Makai still has deep impression on communal living from when he was a child. Tube-shaped apartments, public bath, and canteen, which represent the memories of the elder generation of Beijingers, have left an imprint in his life. Six generations of Ke Makai's family have live and work (or once lived and worked) in Beijing. Hence, to Ke Makai, Beijing is his home, and he wanted to do some more things in Beijing in the rest of his life.

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