[Story in Beijing] Miguel: an Angolan guy praises for Beijing's traffic

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-05-05 18:29:40

Story in Beijing is a serial short video program produced and released by CRIOnline. Each video introduces a foreigner's story in Beijing, and how they fall in love with this city. By sharing their own experience and feelings when they are living in Beijing with the audience, these 'Beijing fans' express their love to Beijing, and show the charm of Beijing to the world.

Episode 2  Miguel: An Angolan guy praises for Beijing's traffic

Angolan guy Miguel is a student in Beijing Jiaotong University. He has been in China for four years. When Miguel first came to Beijing, he couldn't get used to the cultural difference between Angola and China, but now he has been absolutely adapted to the life in Beijing. Miguel believes that those he has experienced in Beijing are all treasure to him. As a student studying in traffic engineering, Miguel has been deeply impressed by the transportation construction of Beijing, especially Beijing's underground construction. Miguel thinks that taking metro is a very good way for traveling.

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