[Story in Beijing] Bhusan: a Chinese culture fan living in Hutong

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-05-05 18:41:21

Story in Beijing is a serial short video program produced and released by CRIOnline. Each video introduces a foreigner's story in Beijing, and how they fall in love with this city. By sharing their own experience and feelings when they are living in Beijing with the audience, these 'Beijing fans' express their love to Beijing, and show the charm of Beijing to the world.

Episode 3  Bhusan: A Chinese culture fan living in Hutong

Bhusan is a researcher from Nepal. He has been in Beijing for nearly five years. As a fan of Chinese culture, Bhusan is living in a Hutong now. This is because Bhusan believes that living in Hutong is a good way for him to feel the authentic Beijing. Bhusan is a researcher in National Astronomical Observatories, CAS. In his view, Beijing is a city of sci-tech and innovation, which provides him with good working atmosphere. Bhusan is also contributed to the promotion of the culture of his homeland, Nepal. By introducing Nepali culture to more Chinese people, Bhusan wishes to promote the cultural exchange between Nepal and China.

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