"Tang Dynasty Recurs" calligraphy and painting exhibition opens in Liaoning Province

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-10-11 10:52:24


The scene of the calligraphy and painting exhibition of "Tang Dynasty Recurs"

On October 7, "Tang Dynasty Recurs" calligraphy and painting exhibition opened in Liaoning Provincial Museum. The exhibition will last until January 5, 2020. 
This is the largest exhibition of the Tang Dynasty calligraphy and paintings in the world. The exhibition, with precious paintings and calligraphy exhibits as the main line, supplemented by important unearthed cultural relics, comprehensively showing the politics, economy, cultures, arts and ethnic integration of the Tang Dynasty and the cultural exchanges between China and the West brought about by the Silk Road. The exhibition reflects the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. Through watching the exhibition, the majority of viewers can walk into the social life of the Tang Dynasty and feel the abundance and booming of that time. 
This exhibition carefully selects 100 exhibits, and carries out multi-angle vivid interpretation to the key exhibits, so as to achieve both academic and appreciative purposes as well as provide knowledge and meet interest. In addition to paying attention to the grandeur and openness of the narration of Chinese civilization, the exhibition will also show the regional characteristics and splendor of Liaoning culture. 
As an important position to spread Chinese traditional cultures, the museum  focuses on ordinary audience in designing exhibition. To that end, the exhibition interprets the story behind the cultural relics and answers the audience's question of "how these become national treasures ". 
In order to enhance the appeal of the exhibition, the Liaoning Provincial Museum cooperated with digital technology companies for the first time to create a digital experience with imaging technology, and strive to enable the audience to browse cultural relics in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, understanding the long-term booming of the Tang Dynasty. 
In conjunction with the exhibition, the Liaoning Provincial Museum will also carry out a variety of academic and social education activities, during which a number of academic lectures and educational activities for young people will be arranged, and academic seminars will be held in December.


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