Foreign journalists visited Harbin New Area

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-01-14 15:36:37

Recently, foreign journalists who participated in the “Perceive China's Ice City”-Foreign Journalists Tour of Harbin 2020 entered into the Harbin Hytera Co. Ltd. and Smart City Big Data Center of Harbin New Area to experience the scientific and technological power of China's national new area.


Members of the foreign journalists visit the radio equipment [photo: Liu Jiali]

During the visit to the Smart City Big Data Center of Harbin New Area, the comprehensive operation platform integrating "big data decision-making and support platform", "smart agriculture big data", "government cloud platform" and "urban operation detection platform" attracted foreign journalists to watch, and the members of the interview group started to marvel at these equipment.


Foreign journalists visited the comprehensive operation platform of Smart City Big Data Center of Harbin New Area [photo: Kang Wanying]

Lemaibess Vatimetou, Chairman of Mauritanian Network Writers Association, said:“It looks like a science fiction film here.”

While building an open industrial system, Harbin New Area has worked hard to improve its capacity for independent innovation and cultivated a number of internationally influential innovative enterprises, providing experience for the promotion of independent innovation and transformation and development of China's old industrial base.

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