Foreign Internet Celebrities Telling Fujian Stories - Episode 7∣RICOM: An Important Global Manufacturer of Optical Lenses

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-06-22 10:31:50

RICOM is one of the first Chinese companies in China and the first company in Fujian Province to go public on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STIB). RICOM is an important global optical lens manufacturer. For decades, RICOM has been focusing on its main business and focusing on the production of lenses. The special military lenses produced by the company are used in space observation, aerospace engineering, warships, unmanned aircraft and other aerospace and military equipment. HD lenses for civil purposes are widely used in various fields such as security monitoring, Internet of Things, industrial automation production, and smart cities.

In this video, Wang Mulin, an Egyptian Internet celebrity, will work as a frontline employee to experience in person the production of lens.Let's see how he feels about it.

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