Special Inspection on the Construction of "Rule-of-Law District" by CPPCC Members of Yanta District, Xi'an City, China

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-09-23 09:16:36

On the morning of September 2, Li Xiaohong, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC in Yanta District, Xi'an City, China, led more than 20 members of the CPPCC to carry out a special inspection on building Yanta into a "Rule-of-Law District". Visiting Community 205, the national democracy and rule-of-law demonstration community, and the public legal service center of the district, they carried out special consultations about creating Yanta into a "Rule-of-Law District".

In Community 205, the CPPCC members visited the rule-of-law sites such as the Rule-of-law Square, the Bade Corridor and the Committee for People's Mediation, and experienced the new rule-of-law achievements of grass-roots organization under the mode of "integration of self-governance, rule of law, and rule of virtue"; in Yanta District's Public Law Service Center, the members learned about the legal aid offering and notarization in Yanta District and watched the rule-of-law culture wall. At the consultation meeting, Li Changwu, Deputy Secretary of the Political and Law Commission of CPC Yanta District Committee, made a detailed report on building Yanta into a "Rule-of-Law District", and Li Zheng, Director of the District Judicial Bureau, reported on the six key tasks undertaken by the Judicial Bureau in the three-year action for the "Rule-of-Law District" construction. The CPPCC members put forward their opinions and suggestions from the perspectives of site construction and team protection.

Li Xiaohong pointed out that the "Rule-of-Law District" construction marks a concrete action to build a safe and law-ruled Yanta District through a high quality manner in the new era, and the fundamental support for the construction of "One Zone".

In the future, Yanta District Judicial Bureau will, in combination with the key task of building a "Rule-of-Law District", plan and reform quickly, and continue to promote the progress, so as to provide a strong legal guarantee for building a first-class socialist modern new district in China.

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