[2023 Daka China] Foreign Internet Celebrities Fall in Love with Hotan of Xinjiang after Experiencing Intangible Cultural Heritage Skills and Pastoral Life

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-07-29 21:57:45

On July 28, the 2023 "Daka China - Understanding the Chinese Path to Modernization in Xinjiang" Online International Communication Event continued, where foreign Internet celebrities visited Hotan Kunlun Lilai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the mulberry paper inheritor, Daoxiang Village in Hanairike Town, and Tuancheng.

The probiotic micro-ecological product made by Hotan Kunlun Lilai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has enjoyed a wide application in livestock breeding and soil improvement. It can also reduce the odor of animal manure when added into forage while increasing the beneficial bacteria and helping crop growth when added into soil. Nguyen Thi Thanh, a Vietnamese internet celebrity, exclaimed, "It's awesome!"

A group photo of foreign internet celebrities at the door of the mulberry paper inheritor's home in Moyu County, Hotan (Photo by Qu Yi)

The mulberry paper inheritor lives in Moyu County, Hotan. Mulberry paper is handmade paper from the inner surface of the mulberry branch and boasts a history spanning over 1,300 years, known as a "living fossil" of manmade paper. These foreign internet celebrities tried mulberry papermaking.