State Grid Inner Mongolia Eastern Power Co., Ltd.: Electric Power Big Data Facilitating High-Quality Development

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-12-08 16:53:45

Electricity is an important indicator of economic development. Analysis of changes in electric power data can largely reflect how all walks of life develop. As a crucial energy company in Inner Mongolia, State Grid Inner Mongolia Eastern Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as the "Eastern Company") has explored the value behind power data in recent years, continued to develop data application results, grasped the dynamic of regional development from the perspective of electric power, and empowered high-quality regional economic and social development.

Water-Electricity Conversion to Coefficiently Supports Precise Management of Water Resources

Inner Mongolia is a major grain-producing area in China. Annual agricultural water consumption accounts for more than 70 percent of the region's total water consumption, while water resources in Inner Mongolia are only 2 percent of the total nationwide. It is, therefore, crucial to consider how to reduce the waste of water resources, prevent over-exploitation of groundwater, and improve water resource supervision and utilization comprehensively. In 2021, Eastern Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Inner Mongolia Water Resources Department. In eastern Inner Mongolia, 2,172 machine-operated wells were installed with water metering equipment, and the water consumption for agricultural irrigation was calculated through the water-electricity conversion data model, which provides a decision-making basis for law-based, scientific, and precise water control, and effectively improves water resources conservation and intensive utilization in Inner Mongolia.

Innovations in Regulation of Workplace Safety Through Electricity Supervision

Inner Mongolia is rich in mineral resources, and companies in high-risk industries such as mining, hazardous chemicals, and metallurgy are relatively concentrated here. In order to strengthen supervision and put an end to illegal production, Eastern Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Emergency Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Through monitoring the electricity consumption of high-risk enterprises, real-time monitoring and early warning are conducted for illegal activities such as stealthy operation despite prohibition or operation at night but shutdown in daytime, and overloading production. Since the beginning of the collaboration, a total of 9,907 suspected abnormal production incidents in high-risk enterprises have been assessed, providing robust support for the precise management of safety production by the emergency management department.

Tax-Electricity Business Climate Index Serves Economic and Social Development

Production requires electricity, and consumption generates taxes. Combining electricity data and tax data, an important indicator that can reflect economic vitality and dynamic -- there comes the Tax-Electricity Business Climate Index. Eastern Company, with nine other institutions, including the Inner Mongolia Taxation Bureau and the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission, has jointly established the Tax and Electricity Index Office of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The Office conducted quantitative analysis of various economic indexes such as financing, procurement, production, circulation, and sales, which reflects economic development in Inner Mongolia rapidly, intuitively, and accurately. These economic indexes serve as crucial references for government decision-making.

In the next step, Eastern Company will implement the national strategy to accelerate the development of the digital economy. This includes deepening the application of electricity data, fully unlocking the value of data elements, and contributing to the high-quality development of the economy and society in Inner Mongolia.

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