Internet Yuelu Summit 2023 Opens in Changsha, Hunan

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-06-19 19:27:05

Internet Yuelu Summit 2023 Opens in Changsha, Hunan_fororder_圖片1

Opening Ceremony of Internet Yuelu Summit 2023

On the morning of June 19, the Internet Yuelu Summit 2023 opened in Changsha. With the theme "Intelligent Connected Vehicles in Xiangjiang, Evolving in the Era of Digitization", the Summit's activities include an opening ceremony, a Yuelu Forum and five thematic forums, focusing on Fintech, technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, new-generation information technology, new materials and other fields.

At the Yuelu Forum, honored guests delivered keynote speeches on topics such as technological innovation, artificial intelligence, and digital economy; At the roundtable forum, high-level dialogues were carried out on topics such as intelligent manufacturing and new energy.

In addition to the main forum discussions, the Summit also hosted five specific sub-forums, namely, "Finance Empowers Innovation, Technology Drives Development", "AI Helps Move Far and Industry Upgrading", "Intelligent Manufacturing Leads the Future", "Assisting the Innovation and Development of New Materials, Building the Backbone for Manufacturing Industry Development", and "Innovation Leads the Future, Summit Brings Highlands". It is worth mentioning that at the thematic forum "AI Helps Move Far and Industry Upgrading", the Industry and Information Technology Department of Hunan Province released the Blue Book of Hunan Province for the Development of Software and Information Technology Service Industry, providing feasibility reference for the digital development of enterprises in Hunan Province.

Over the past decade, the Yuelu Summit has evolved from a small forum to a brand summit that attracts tens of thousands of participants. With the rapid development of the internet industry, Hunan has taken the lead in capitalizing on new development opportunities of digital economy. In 2022, the Province realized an operating revenue of CNY 251.6 billion in the mobile internet industry, marking a substantial year-on-year increase of 23.6 percent.

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